Sets various types of explosions.
Values: 0 - normal, 1 - just sprite, 3 - just particles, 4 - slight blood. Its value is 0 by default.

Turns explosion's light on/off, 1 by default.

Turns flying rocket's light on/off, 1 by default.

Sets flying rocket's trail:
0 - no trail, 1 - default trail, 2 - grenade trail.
Behaves differently when using QMB particles:
0 - no trail, 1 - default trail, 2 - darkplaces trail, 3 - Q3 trail.
Value is 1 by default.

Sets flying grenade's trail:
0 - no trail, 1 - default trail, 2 - rocket trail.
Behaves differently when using QMB particles:
0 - no trail, 1 - default trail, 2 - darkplaces trail, 3 - Q3 trail.
Value is 1 by default.

Replace the rocket model with grenade, 0 by default (popular in deathmatch).

Makes the lightning gun's bolt more precise, 0 by default. Can be 0.0 (off) - 1.0 (most precise).

Turns Quake3-style bobbing on, 0 by default.

Removes dead bodies (both for players and monsters).
When using with value 1, the dead body is to be removed in the last animation frame.
When using with value 2, it is removed immediately when the monster/player dies.
Its value is 0 (off) by default.

Removes gibs if turned on, 0 (off) by default.

Turns gamma changing possibility on/off, 1 by default.
With using a value of "2", it applies gamma for windowed modes as well.

gamma (gl_gamma in GL) and contrast (gl_contrast in GL)
One of the most important features. These are for your viewing pleasure :)

Scales the menu to fit for any resolutions, 1 by default.

Makes the menu centered, 1 by default.

Makes the status bar (hud) centered, 0 by default.

Toggles between transparent (0) and old/original (1) huds, 0 by default.

Turns weapon's jarring every time when firing on/off, 0 by default.
Using with value 1 the weapon kicks the original (old) way, while using with value 2 the kick is much smoother just like in QW.

Turns powerup glow around player's body on/off, 1 by default.

Adjust the console's size, 0.5 (half size) by default. Can be 0.0 (nothing visible) - 1.0 (fully visble).
NOTE: when the console is pulled down, you can also adjust the size with using the ctrl+up or ctrl+down keys.

Print actual statistics (time, secrets, kills) to the upper right corner of the screen, 1 by default.
Values: 0 - off, 1 - only time, 2 - time + kills + secrets, 3 - only time, but only on if some reasonable event happens, 4 - same as 3, plus kills + secrets too.

If show_stats is set to 2, the printing takes as long as it's set in this cvar, 0.5 by default. The value represents seconds.

Toggles between using HUD numbers or console characters when showing show_stats's statistics. 0 (HUD-style) by deafult.

Toggles between normal and backward demoplaying, 0 by default. Only works when playing a demo.

Prints the player's speed in units.

show_fps, show_fps_x, show_fps_y
Prints the framerate in frames per second. Position can be changed with the _x and _y coordinates.

Makes player(s)'s skins fullbright, 0 by default.

Contains actual map's name, for built-in use.

Turns pickup flashes on/off, 1 by default.

Turns muzzle flashes (flashes when firing) on/off, 1 by default.

Turns liquid blends on/off, 1 by default.

Turns damage flashes on/off, 1 by default.

Turns quad damage's blend on/off, 1 by default.

Turns pentagram's blend on/off, 1 by default.

Turns invisibilty's blend on/off, 1 by default.

Turns environment suit's blend on/off, 1 by default.

Adjust the amount of your weapon to be visible, 1 by default (fully visible).
Can be 0.0 (not visble, equals "r_drawviewmodel 0") - 1.0 (see above). This is useful for people using bigger fovs than 90.

Sets mouse rate. Only work when start with -dinput and -m_smooth.

Shows current mouse rate. Useful to set m_rate. Only work with -dinput -m_smooth.

cl_clock, cl_clock_x, cl_clock_y
Shows clock in the lower left corner. Position can be changed with the _x and _y coordinates.
There are 4 predefined clock formats. 0 by default.

Sets the size of the crosshair, 1.0 by default.

Sets the color of the crosshair, 79 (red) by default.

Changes the playback speed of a demo, 1 by default.
Values < 1 mean slow motion, while > 1 result fast forward.

Customizes the maximal fps, 72 by default.
You are not allowed to raise this above 72 if you're playing single player or coop.

Toggles between advanced and normal (old) command/cvar completion.
Its value is 1 by default.

Switch for the "writeconfig" command.
If set to 0 then writeconfig will save only archieved vars.
If 1, it'll save the ones which have other than default values.
And with value 2 it'll save ALL variables.
Its value is 0 by default.

Switch for confirmation when exiting, 0 means no confirmation required.
Its value is 1 by default.

Sets the amount of synthetic lag.
The maximal allowed value is 1000. Default value is 0.
You may also use "ping +" to get the same effect.

Mouse look is enabled when it's turned on. Default value is 1.
It does the same effect like switching -mlook/+mlook.

Toggles between the using of keypad keys or not, 1 by default.

If turned on (1), everything that Quake can't interpret (not command or cvar or alias) is sent as chat. Similar to QW clients, you don't have to type "say " every time you wanna say something.
Default value is "1".

GL-only cvars:

Turn fullbright polys on brush models on/off, 1 by default.

Turn fullbright polys on alias models on/off, 1 by default.

Sets the color of explosions glows. Only works if r_explosionlight is on.
Values: 0 - default, 1 - blue, 2 - red, 3 - purple, 4 - random.

Sets the color of flying rockets glows. Only works if r_rocketlight is on.
Values: same as for r_explosinlightcolor.

Sets the transparency of the console, 0.8 by default.
Can be 0.0 (totally transparent) - 1.0 (not transparent).

Sets a custom skybox, "" by default (no skybox). See more info about this at the "loadsky" command.

Sets the transparency of your weapon model when you're invisible. Default value is 0.4.

Contains the fourcc code of video codec's, 0 by default (no compression).
For example divx or xvid, etc.

Sets on how many frames/sec you wish the video to be captured. 30.0 by default.

If set to 1, the console is also captured, otherwise not. 1 by default.

Sets the directory where avis to be saved during capturing, "capture" by default.

Turns mp3 audio compression on/off, 0 by default.

Sets mp3 compression's bitrate, 128 by default. Only works if capture_mp3 is 1 (trivial).

gl_externaltextures_world and gl_externaltextures_bmodels
Load external textures when set to "1".
textures for _world should be placed inside textures/ or textures/ dir while textures for _bmodels should be placed inside textures/bmodels dir.
Both are 1 by default.

Specifies an external console charset.
Console charsets should be placed inside textures/charsets dir.

Gets fonts look smoother, "1" by default.

Loads static colored lights containing files (.lit) if "1".

Turns vertex lighting on alias models on/off, "0" by default.

Sets the type of screenshot image, "jpg" by default. Can be "tga", "png" or "jpeg | jpg".

Adds fog inside (not just water, but) all kinds of liquids, 1 by default.
Values: 0 - off, 2 - realistic, other - normal.

For further costumizing gl_waterfog, 1 by default.
Can be 0.0 (low amount of fog) - 1.0 (high amount of fog).

Turns caustic underwater polygons on/off, 0 by default.

Turns bump mapping on/off, 0 by default. Requires hi-end systems.

If set to "1" classic particles are to be drawn with Z buffer bits.
On some video cards this helps to keep the fps high.
0 by default.

Sets QMB explosions:
1 - normal, 2 - Q3 style, 0 by default.

Sets QMB trails:
1 - normal, 2 - Q3 style, 0 by default.

Sets QMB spikes:
1 - normal, 2 - Q3 style (Q3 model required!), 0 by default.

Sets QMB gunshots:
1 - normal, 2 - Q3 style (Q3 model required!), 0 by default.

Sets QMB blood:
1 - normal, 2 - Q3 style, 0 by default.

Sets QMB teleport splashes:
1 - normal, 2 - Q3 style (Q3 model required!), 0 by default.

Turns QMB spawn explosions on/off, 0 by default.

Turns QMB lavasplashes on/off, 0 by default.

Sets QMB torch flames:
1 - normal, 2 - Q3 style, 0 by default.

Turns Q3 style on-screen damage splash on/off, 0 by default.

Turns bouncing chunks on/off, 1 by default. Only works for QMB particles.

Sets the transparency of your crosshair. Default value is 1.0.

Sets an image as crosshair, "" (none) by default. Crosshair images go to "crosshairs" subdirectory.

Loads quake3 models (.md3) if value is 1. By default, it's 0.
mdl replacement files go to /progs folder. bsp replacement files go to /maps folder. ALL q3 texture files go to /textures/q3models folder.

Turns vertical synchronization on/off, "0" by default.

Smooth out textures on alias models if turned on, 1 by default.

Commands back to top

Lists all console commands.

Lists all console variables.

gamedir [path]
Changes the mod's directory.
If you started Quake with e.g. -game ctf and during the game you wish to play with an other mod, you can change it dinamically, without quitting the game.
Relative pathnames like "newdir/ctf" are not allowed.

dir [wildcard]
Lists all files matching wildcard. Works the same way like other shells' dir command.

demdir [wildcard]
The same as dir, except that this cmd is only for .dem files.
So please omit the .dem extension from the wildcard.

Pops up the Demos menu, the same as you enter it from the Main Menu

writeconfig [filename]
Writes a .cfg file with your actual game settings.
See more info about this at the "cfg_savevars" variable.

printtxt [filename]
Prints a text file into the console.
You can now read SDA demos' txt files without quitting the game :)

getcoords [filename]
Writes the player's origin into the given file or to "" if there was no filename given.

volumeup, volumedown
volumeup increases the volume by 0.1 and volumedown decreases by the same value. The maximum volume is 1.0, it won't raise higher than that. You'll see a graphical volume control bar at the top right corner of the screen for 2 seconds any time you change the volume using volumeup or volumedown.

iplog, ipmerge, identify
These commands are exported from ProQuake. Please read the ProQuake documentation on using them.

GL-only commands:

loadsky [filename]
Loads a custom skybox. As you know (or not) a skybox consists of 6 images (6 sides of a box). To set a skybox, you only have to add the common name of these six files, since they contain 2 characters of skybox extension at the end.
For example, you have a skybox called "day", you have six images called dayrt, daybk, daylf, dayft, dayup and daydn. Than you only have to use "loadsky day". To get skyboxes, go to the FuhQuake page.
Skyboxes goes to "/env" directory.
This command also sets r_skybox's value. You can change skyboxes through this cvar as well.

Loads an external console charset.
Console charsets should be placed inside textures/charsets dir.

capture_start [filename]
Starts capturing an .avi file.

Stops capturing.

capturedemo [filename]
Starts playing a demo and starts capturing it also with the same name.
Exits game after capturing's done.

Changes all gl_part_* vars' values to their opposite.
A pleasant way if you wouldn't like to set all variables one by one.

Other features back to top

Parameter completion

I think people will prefer this feature alot more to using dir or demdir. Parameter completion means if you're using a command requiring a filename (playdemo for exmaple), than when you're pressing TAB you're gonna get a list of files matching to the written wildcard, just as dir or demdir.
For example you typed the following to the console:
]playdemo e1m1
After pressing TAB you're getting a list of all e1m1*.dem files. The wildcard will be updated with the longest common string of the matching filenames. If only one file was found, the wildcard's gonna be replaced with that. It's that simple :) but it's handy imho.
Parameter completion works for the following commands:
playdemo, capture_start, capturedemo, printtxt, map, exec, load, loadsky, r_skybox, loadcharset, gl_consolefont and crosshairimage. None of them require any extension to be given, they'll automatically find their filetypes.

Maps and Demos menu

JoeQuake added two new menus to Quake:
The Maps menu contains a list of all available maps in the actual path including inside pak files as well.
The Demos menu gives you a shell about all the Quake subdirectories, and you may browse between these dirs and watch demos in any folder.

Video Options menu (GL only)

Just like the FPS Settings menu in ZQuake/FuhQuake, I also made my similar video settings menu. The main difference compared to the above mentioned engines is that I used video quality options instead of deathmatch/gameplay settings.

32bit textures support (GL only) -- 100% FuhQuake stuff

The whole function copied from FuhQuake. I've only added TGA and PNG support, but not JPEG/JPG. The handling of directories is purely the same as in FuhQuake:
All textures go to a "textures" folder, which can contain subfolders:
"bmodels" for brush model textures, "models" for alias model textures, "wad" for hud pictures, "gfx" for menu pictures. Can also contain map name folders, so than the textures for that map will be loaded from there.
The only difference to FuhQuake is that JoeQuake doesn't use map groups, so don't try "exmy" folder for id1 maps as you did in FuhQuake.

I can only provide a few hud textures made by myself, but if you want more, head over to the FuhQuake page and download the installer which contain lots of cool textures to plenty of maps, status bar images, new menu pictures etc. You can also get textures from the Quake Retexturing project:

Coloured lights (GL only)

Both dynamic and static colored lights are available in JoeQuake. You can choose from various colors to set your explosion or rocket lightning. For static colored lights, you can find a .lit files (files containing the color information for maps) package on the FuhQuake page.

Avi capturing (GL only)

JoeQuake uses avi capturing written by Anthony Bailey.
An important thing you should know about: this is mainly for capturing demos, not gameplay.
Sound issues: capturing supports 22KHz sounds too, but I personally don't recommend recording the audio on that sample. The reason is that all the Quake sounds are originally recorded on 11KHz, and simply playing them on higher sample doesn't actually make them sound better. If you want to use 22 or 44 KHz sounds at any price, I advise you to get a good editor (like SoundForge), and resample the audio using that.

Commands history

Added from [sons]Quake.
The last 64 console lines are stored in a file cmdhist.dat in the main Quake folder, so than you can use cmd history after quitting/restarting the game.

Demoplaying from .dz files

Added from [sons]Quake.
You may now use .dz files as playdemo command's parameter, it'll be automatically extracted and played. Works from the Demos menu too.
NOTE: make sure the dzip binary (dzip.exe or dzip-linux, comes with the zip) is present in your main Quake folder.

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