Monday, 14th August 2023 by Jozsef
Version 0.17.6 release

Download the new JoeQuake here.

Read the full log of changes here.
Read the readme of the new SDL version.

Tuesday, 7th March 2023 by Jozsef
Version 0.17.5 release

Download the new JoeQuake here.

Matt kindly continued to work on the already magnificent ghost mode and added several enhancements.

To mention the more important changes:
- Ghost recording mode now works with multi-level (marathon) demos including per-level split times!
- Ghost demos can new be set as dzip (compressed demo) files
- You may now set your desired ghost demo from the Demos menu too
- Supporting external .net files (used by newer, larger maps)
- Option to override default fog values

Thursday, 15th September 2022 by Jozsef
Ghost mode is finally here

Download the new JoeQuake here.

The biggest feature in the current release is the Ghost recording mode! Many many thanks to Matt Earl who have created this fantastic feature entirely by himself showing his commitment/addiction to everyone's favorite game :)
Matt is not just a talented coder, but a speedrunner and video creator! Make sure to check out his youtube page here and watch all of his (very entertaining) Quake related videos.

Read about how to configure Ghost recording mode here.

This version also includes several improvements, just to mention a few:
- Advanced spawn parameter settings by Sphere
- Supporting lit water on newer maps
- Supporting monster count > 999 on the intermission screen
- Alternative noclip 'fly-mode'
- Animation lerping is more reliable for new weapon models in mods

Monday, 20th December 2021 by Jozsef
Happy holidays

Download the new JoeQuake here.

This version comes with the following improvements:
- Mouse cursor in menu
- Reorganized options menu to access submenus easier
- Updated to support latest patch of Quake remastered
- Several small fixes

Happy holidays and wishing everyone a Quake-fruitful 2022!

Friday, 10th September 2021 by Jozsef
Dimension of the Machine mission pack support

Title says it all, this new version mainly covers the support for the recently released mission pack from Quake remastered.
There are also minor fixes added as well as map rendering optimization. Read the included whatsnew.txt for the entire list of changes.

Grab the new version here.

Saturday, 13th February 2021 by Jozsef
Performance improvements

As promised, I've been focusing on improving the OpenGL renderer in the past 1.5 months. By adding usage of the OpenGL shader language, I could gain a max of ~50% speed improvement on larger maps.

Other additions worth mentioning:
- New gamma correction technique (GLSL). This replaces the old, sometimes buggy 'hardware gamma' solution.
  Note: you may need to readjust your gamma settings!
- Resolution scale
- Dynamic gl_externaltextures_gfx switch
- Fixed sky texture when waterfog is used

Hopefully speedrunning on larger maps will be a lot more enjoyable with this new build.

Thursday, 24th December 2020 by Jozsef
Quakemas time

After several BETA versions I can say that the newly introduced BSP2 maps and FitzQuake protocol support seems stable. So I decided to remove the BETA status, and release the new JoeQuake 0.17.0.
Unfortunately I had less time than planned focusing on performance improvements, but the loading times on the huge maps improved majorly. FPS improvements are expected in a future version.

In terms of the suggested protocol version, the players don't have to do anything, protocol identification is fully automatic. It will only switch to 666 if a map needs it, otherwise it always use the vanilla (15) protocol. Forcing with the -protocol command line switch is still available though.

Wishing everyone a happy Quakemas!

Saturday, 14th November 2020 by Jozsef
AD support is here

Since many of you runners have requested this for a long time, I decided to dig myself into the QuakeSpasm code and merge the required parts so that the well known AD mod (and many others too) becomes available for speedrunning.
The changes include:
- BSP2/2PSB (large bsp) maps support
- FitzQuake and RMQ protocols support
- skyboxes, water/lava/slime alphas, fog are all read and applied from progs.dat
- mp3/ogg background music playback

Note that this is only a BETA release. I'd like to see what bugs occur with these major changes.
The performance on some huge maps is very bad, as a workaround please switch dynamic lights off (r_dynamic 0). I'm going to focus on improving the OpenGL renderer for the final release.
For speedrunning and demo recording the recommended version is still the 0.16.3.

Thursday, 22nd October 2020 by Jozsef
Small update

Changes worth mentioning:
- Mods menu (for immediate switch)
- Borderless windowed mode from NeaQuake
- Texture filtering adjustable on sky and hud
- intermission camera screwed angle fix
- e2m2 gate bug fix on easy skill

For the next update I'm hoping to add the protocol 666 support (FitzQuake). That would open speedrunning for ALOT of new maps.

Sunday, 3rd May 2020 by Jozsef
Give them packets

I've raised a few constants to overcome the well hated 'packet overflow' messages. This means maps like dmc3m8 are properly playable on nightmare skill level also.

I would also like to introduce my newest helping hand in development of JoeQuake:

Welcome to the team Sphere!

He already added several handful fixes to the project (which are included in this version):
- Add splitting of AVI files at certain size
- Fix long restart times in coop play
- Allow setting sleeptime when window not in focus

Happy running!

Saturday, 21st December 2019 by Jozsef
Hotfix time

I'm releasing a new version of 0.16.2 including plenty of fixes, like
- choppy fps and model animations with independent physics
- slowmo/speedup working wrong with independent physics
- splitting marathon demos resulting faulty dem files
- and many more

There aren't any major new features for now. I'm planning (hoping) that this release will be a stable one.

Happy holidays and happy speedrunning for everyone!

Sunday, 1st December 2019 by Jozsef
Winter's here - new JoeQuake's here

Small things, few things, but at least something:
- fixed many bugs in independent physics code, which is properly usable and is set by default from now.

It is strongly recommended to use a multiple of 72 as the value of cl_maxfps for the best experience.

- raw mouse input from NeaQuake
- automatic demo recording
- bugfixes as usual

Please, do read the included whatsnew.txt for a full and detailed list of changes.

Also note that JoeQuake moved to GitHub, you can find it here if you are interested about browsing the source code.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 by Jozsef
early hotfix

Unfortunately it turned out pretty soon that the independent physics code has plenty of bugs :(
One of them was so severe that it would resulted invalid demo files, so I decided to change the independent physics code to
- be available only optionally
- deny demo recording entirely if it's switched on

You can switch it on by starting JoeQuake with the command line option "+set cl_independentphysics 1".

Monday, 21st October 2019 by Jozsef
still alive and kicking

After 13 years of sleeping, I'm back with a fresh new build. You can find it on the downloads page.

New features in v0.16.1:
- framerate independent physics: yes, you read that right. from now you are free to set cl_maxfps to any value you want. the server still operates on a max of 72 fps, so it is guaranteed that physics remain the very same.
- dynamic video mode change: you don't need to start the game with -width/-height or -mode anymore. by default Quake sets your desktop resolution. you can customize it in the already dynamic video modes menu, and Quake will save it for you.
- continuous playback of multi-level (marathon) demos
- bugfixes

What's not included in this version, but planned in the future:
- raw mouse input
- cursor in the menu
- change between windowed/fullscreen modes dynamically
- borderless video mode

Sunday, 7th May 2006 by Jozsef
build 1329 bugfix plus linux builds

Fixed two bugs which were pointed out by Stubby and Mandel (black player in software version, say command doesn't work in beginning of coop demos). Well, the say issue is not a bug itself, but it's a ProQuake feature to prevent players from chatting quickly after a color/name change, but unfortunately affects coop gameplay either, since the server sends a "color" and "name" message every time it spawns... So I simply removed that piece of ProQuake code.

Other news is that there are linux builds again. They are numbered as build 1331 because I compiled them a few days later than the windows binaries, but they are the same.

Tuesday, 11th April 2006 by Jozsef
build 1329 released

Only a couple of changes since the last release, but I fixed the ping overlay issue for which ppl are crying for a while, so here you go.
Note I have a new mail address: (got rid of hotmail). Pls use this one in the future.

Saturday, 3rd December 2005 by Jozsef
build 1189 released

Seems like I'll be damn busy in the next few weeks, so I post the actual stuff to let you play with your favorite game during the holidays ;)
Also SDA reported a bug which denied coop demos recorded with JoeQuake, so I _had_ to fix the bug ASAP.

Friday, 21st October 2005 by Jozsef
build 1146 released

After getting a few bug reports on the forums, I immediately started to patch...
Also there're linux builds available again (finally).

Saturday, 15th October 2005 by Jozsef
version 0.15 build 1140 released

Huh, finally got my lazy ass to post an update. I apologize for the long wait, this release should've done at the end of Summer, if I hadn't been that lazy back then... *sigh*. After that, I hardly had any time to continue the work on the engine and even to write a friggin' update... until this weekend. So now I finally post the newest build.

This is a BIG release. I've added more features compared to the previous releases. Just to mention the most important ones:

- md3 support
- luma support on mdl and md3 files
- jpg support
- parts of q3 particle system
- server browser
- ip logging
- renewed options menu
- and more...

You can find detailed documentation about the new features in whatsnew.txt.
For feedback, comments or questions, come to the JoeQuake forum.


Friday, 8th July 2005 by Jozsef
JoeQuake's moving

Yes yes, it was high time to get a larger server coz lately I almost ran out of space in my university account (10MB limit, LOL).
From now, the new host of JoeQuake is RuneCentral and the new url is
You can still reach the site via though, so don't worry about that.

A new update is coming along soon, I'd just like to finish a few things I'm still working on. I've renewed the screenshots page with newer and better looking shots, make sure you check them out!

Saturday, 18th December by Jozsef
winter update

Just thought to drop the current version up, coz it's almost xmas time and also it has taken way too much time since the last update (again, sigh).

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, 18th September by Jozsef
linux versions are back!

Damnit, this week was everything but fine! I got a massive flu (or something similar crazy shit) on monday and I'm still struggling to get over it. *sniff* and *cough*

Anyways, I planned to make an update and there's no toxic power on earth which could keep me away from that! =)
Haven't add much things in the past 4 weeks but finally compiled the binaries for linux again. And now I can also provide GLX version!
I tested at home and it works fine for me, but I'd like to get some feedback from the world's other places either, so go to the download page and grab it if you're interested.

See changelog here.
Meet me at runecentral.

Friday, 20th August by Jozsef
summer update

After another 3 months period I'm ready to rumble again with a long awaited update ;-P

It's not really much I could say about it, just check out the changelog for more info and feed your thoughts back to the forum.


Thursday, 27th May by Jozsef
spring update

Gosh, I've just realized the previous update was done 3 months ago!

Anyways, I was asked to release a newer version, though I should've done it by myself either, as it was high time. As usual, it contains a few new/changed features, plus some bugfixes (again).

Saturday, 28th February by Jozsef

I fixed the few reported bugs which occured in the latest release. These were mainly:

- messagemode/messagemode2 echos were fucked up
- player model hadn't refreshed when it was replaced with an other model

Grab this if you're using linux or this if not :)

Saturday, 7th February by Jozsef
v0.13 final (?)

Well, I really hope this happened to be a stable release, coz this is planned to be the final build of 0.13.
Though, if any major error occurs, plz let me know and I'm gonna release a fixed one then.

Infos can be found either in whatsnew.txt or on the features page.

Thursday, 18th December by Jozsef

You know, I really hate when there's absolutely no snow at all in December, especially at XMAS time, and there's no more than a week until that. Not that I'd like this feast so damn much, but it _should_ be white, as it used to be every year here in Europe ;)

Okay, this was only a side note.
I'm releasing a new version of JoeQuake now, with some things modified, like:

- extended writeconfig command
- integrated CTRL+V into the console
- added submenu for QMB particles
- and more...

Please pay attention for the following technical note:
delete cmdhist.dat (if presents) from your Quake folder before running this version of JoeQuake for the first time. The reason for this is that I made a little change in the command history saving code (see whatsnew.txt for more details) and it would cause problems to use the file saved by a previous version of JoeQuake.

Phew, after writing this looong and exhausting update, I think I'm gonna lie back and wait for bug reports... LOL ;)

Cheers, and happy holidays for everyone!

Sunday, 16th November by Jozsef

Just let everybody know that JoeQuake has now it's own forum at RuneCentral. If you have any questions or problems or you wish something to be added into the engine, you're always welcome to ask there. I've also added a link for it on the links page.

On another note, you can now reach the project page via Thanks to JackHole for adding the link.

And finally, go and check out The Dimension of the Gibbed Movie at SDA, which has just released for a few days ago. There're JoeQuake recorded .avi versions for you to download.

Friday, 7th November by Jozsef
Quick update

It's time again to show up something. I've quickly packed up the current build, wrote the latest additions into the .txt inside the zip, but yet haven't updated the Features page, sorry. As the title shows this is definately a quick update now.

The most important things are imho the ProQuake additions. See more in the .txt's which come with the zip.
Now go, download that shit!

Ohh, and make sure you CHECK OUT the brand new screenshots page!!!

Monday, 20th October by Jozsef
Linux SVGAlib binary downloadable

Yeah indeed, I have finally pulled out the linux binary of JoeQuake. It's only an SVGAlib version yet, but hopefully I'll be able to make X11 and GLX versions as well in the future.

Get the file here.

Thursday, 9th October by Jozsef
New version released

Here's a newer version of JoeQuake including plenty of bugfixes which the previous version had:
(Person who reported the bug inside braces, thx guys!)

- gamma and contrast changing from menu under GL didn't work, fixed this
- fixed missing "r_fullbright 1" in GL (Stubby)
- now player.mdl has shadow as well
- dzip extraction now works from subfolders as well (Martin)
- scr_printstats now work also when cl_sbar is 1 (Martin)
- fixed strange freezing bug when mission pack was started (Maehor)

There are a few more new features as well. Check out the changelog for complete details.

Thursday, 21st August by Jozsef
First update

JoeQuake is an improved NQ (Normal Quake, NetQuake or whatever you call, the main thing is that it's NOT QuakeWorld) engine with lots of ZQuake and FuhQuake graphical effects and also some of my own additions included. My main destination was to make demo watching the most comfortable, but it's also pleasant for playing. See more in the documentation with the zip, or check out the features page.

Download JoeQuake v0.13, which is still a BETA